Forever 21 is my first stop as a styling resource for my photoshoots. Offering modern and unique looks at a low price point, Forever 21 is all around a great option for finding clothing and accessories.



Topman offers a more "big city" look and is one of my favorite clothing stores because of their broad selection of both classic items and clothing with more modern twists. Topman also provides high quality, durable clothing that lasts more than just a season. 



Canon products are always my first choice when it comes to camera bodies, lenses and accessories. Offering both quality and functionality, I have found Canon products superior to other options on the market.


I process all my photos with Adobe Photoshop 2017 and Camera RAW. I prefer the control and editing power of Photoshop over other editing programs available because in my experience, it delivers more manipulation options and a cleaner final product. 


I edit all of my photos with a HP Spectre x360 (13" screen). It acts as both a laptop and also folds over to become a tablet. It is lightning fast and can still perform while I run programs such as Photoshop, Chrome, Email and Spotify simultaneously. The screen is extremely clear and picks up all the small details. The battery life is fantastic which allows me to edit at a coffee shop and not have to worry about bringing a bulky charger.